Faders - Feelings (CD)


Faders - Feelings (CD) Utopia Records are proud to present, Faders long awaited debut album 'Feelings'.Faders is the irritable combinations of Or Kopel and Netanel Asraf, two of Israeli hottest exports at the moment.
Or (Mixed Emotions) and Netanel (System Failure) had already been involved in different aspects of music productions for a couple of years. The project Faders, was established during the beginning of the year 2008, after the guys decided that they should join forces on creating music together.

Feelings, presents Faders's latest development alongside their demanding standards, to create a complete masterpiece, fusing together Psychedelic Trance and Melodic Full On with influences from all different kind of verity music genres, Electro House, Dub Steps, Breaks, Chill Out, Rock and Roll, and much more

Creating unique atmospheres, hypnotic moments, with high tech approach. Dominant bass lines, sophisticated melodies and stable grooves. That designates Faders's trademark sound we all know and love!

Feelings, includes inside, interesting collaboration and remixes, along well-known artists, such as, Melicia, Vibe Tribe, Audiotec, Freedom Fighters and Sundose.

Faders released all ready their music on respected international labels, such as, Crystal Matrix, Utopia Records, Sirius Records, to mention a few.

And during the summer of 2009, they released exiting compilation they compiled for Utopia Records called 'Genesis', which includes inside Faders usual suspects in their DJ Set's.

For the past year, Faders has played in almost every country, such as Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Russia, and many others


1. The Game - (feat Melicia)FADERS 
2. Controllers - FADERS 
3. Feelings - FADERS 
4. Land of fire - (feat Sundose)FADERS 
5. Heartless - (feat Freedom Fighters)FADERS 
6. Japanica - (feat Audiotec)FADERS 
7. Thank you for Flying Utopia - (Faders rmx)VIBE TRIBE AND DJ IDO 
8. Techno Mode - FADERS 
9. Chords Of Life - FADERS

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