Fabio and Moon - Not Like The Otherz


It's only been last year when these two guys caused extensive Disco Brain Damage with their same named debut EP and now they already completed an entire album.
But then again Fabio and Benni Moon are simply Not Like The Otherz. Both well known as long year protagonists of the North German DJ and producer scene, their mutual project provides a mighty double dose of Progressive power.

The bite of rich offbeat basses and vigorous percussion arrangements found the basis for their tracks, but yet this album goes far beyond the scope of catchy rhythms. It is the careful play between deep, intelligent Trance compositions and truly progressive quotes from Electro and contemporary club music that creates an entertaining variation from title to title. In this way, a thrilling flow evolves.

A flow that is... well, that is just Not Like The Otherz!


2. Push me around - FABIO AND MOON 
3. Flanders - FABIO AND MOON 
4. Not like the otherz - FABIO AND MOON 
5. World around us - FABIO AND MOON 
6. Grab a trap - FABIO AND MOON 
7. Bug's Nightmare - FABIO AND MOON 
8. Insanity - FABIO AND MOON 
9. Expect What - (Fabio and Moon rmx)NEELIX 
10. Alternative Ending - FABIO AND MOON

Source: www.psyshop.com