Etic - Statistics (CD)


Etic - Statistics (CD) Etic is the well established project of international acclaimed Dj and producer, Etay Harari.With already three prior full studio album, and a vast number of tracks, released on selected international labels, he is now releasing his 4th studio album release, named, 'Statistics'. Statistics presents a futuristic outlook to the highly missed, powerful and fat old school psy-progressive sound of trance, which has somehow been lost along the years of fluffiness and commercialism.
Etic has produced this powerful innovative release orienting it for big outdoor raves, but its rich atmosphere and strong character of each specific track makes this album perfect and enjoyable in pretty much everywhere.

Statistic features 9 previously unreleased tracks, 8 dance floor breakers, rich and fat, and an additional chill out track right at the very end.


1. Strong language - ETIC 
2. The baseline is after - ETIC 
3. 24seven - ETIC 
4. One goes 7 comes - ETIC VS VALGREEN 
5. Solutions - ETIC 
6. Statistics - ETIC 
7. The setup - ETIC 
8. Side-gain - ETIC 
9. The loop - ETIC