Eternal Bliss - Full-Om


The new 'Full-OM' album by Eternal Bliss combines old school Goa feeling with today's production techniques and electronic guitar playing that's also performed live.
Eternal Bliss is a veteran Psytrance act with first releases in 1995, the album 'Pyramids' in 1996 and later the videos 'Pyramids', 'Indiamagic' and 'Drops'. The mastermind behind Eternal Bliss is Swiss musician PJ Wassermann.

In composing the new album 'Full-OM' a lot of ideas were created by PJ's son Sean who however soon focused on North Indian Classical Music and moved to Los Angeles to study the tabla. PJ then decided to create a live act using the raw songs as playbacks into which he would weave his electronic guitar sounds.

The first Eternal Bliss live gig took place at one of these psychedelic birthday parties near Zurich, Switzerland, in early 2010. During the following performances throughout 2010 PJ Wassermann attentively watched the crowd reactions and the sound quality on different PA systems to perfect the songs and their mixes as well as his guitar sounds.

At a couple of live gigs PJ recorded his guitar work. The best parts were used in the CD tracks. Of course some more guitar was recorded in the studio. Out of these sessions came the final mixes that make up the album 'Full-OM'. On the CD the guitar parts are integrated into the electronic instruments while on stage the guitar has a more dominant role and is always basically improvised so each live gig is a bit different. Among the last Eternal Bliss gigs were Reisefieber7 in Switzerland Burning Man in the desert of Nevada, USA.


1. Elusion 
2. 2CB 
3. Upgrade your mind 
4. Rupak 
5. Experience 
6. Full-Om 
7. Stars and Galaxies 
8. Kumba Mela 
9. MetaDreams