Ephedrix - Expander (CD)


Ephedrix - Expander (CD) 'Expander' is the second full album for Ephedrix. After releasing their debut album with dacru in 2008 the Belgian duo is now back with this remix special. Remixes made by and for Ephedrix confirming their place in the contemporary psychedelic scene.
Some of the finest artists around the globe have contributed: Silicon Sound, Protoculture, Talamasca, Chronos, DNA, Aquila, Electro Sun and more. All tracks breathe the true Ephedrix spirit of playful melodic and driving beats. Having built a reputation throughout the years with their energetic live act, this energy will also be felt in the new tracks. Built for your pleasure, this release will take its rightful place in your collection.


1. Pure Reality (Ephedrix rmx) - SILICON SOUND 
2. Alice (Ephedrix rmx) - AQUILA 
3. Far Away (DNA rmx) - EPHEDRIX 
4. Hypnotic Voices (Ephedrix rmx) - ELECTRO SUN VS BRAIN DAMAGE 
5. Space and Time - EPHEDRIX VS OONAH 
6. Evolving Moods (Chronos rmx) - EPHEDRIX 
7. The Awakening (Ephedrix rmx) - TALAMASCA FEAT NOMAD 
8. 10 miles out (Lamat rmx) - EPHEDRIX VS AQUILA 
9. Magnetik (Ephedrix rmx) - PROTOCULTURE

Source: www.psyshop.com