Entropy - Think Slow Move Fast (CD)


Entropy - Think Slow Move Fast (CD) Doof Records are proud to present: 'Think Slow Move Fast' the third album from Entropy the remarkable beat engineers Pitt and Omer from Israel.

Pitt and Omer have been producing the Entropy project since 2002, throughout their entropical journey they been walking on the dark side of the psychedelic trance scene without conforming to commercial taste.

Entropy are known for their unique style, a crossover between industrial tech and old school trance. Prepare yourselves for kicking and pounding Bass, sparkling hoovers and techno loops riding a powerful baseline which make a crazy party to a rave of insanity.

'Think Slow Move Fast' is an album for the damaged people who dive tripping to its sounds scratching their mind while flying on the dace floor.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May 2009/19

1. The Messenger rmx
2. Think slow move fast
3. Bunker
4. Love2Ride
5. Ppp
6. The Dudes
7. Psy Park
8. The missing lake
9. Black
10. Astalavista

Source: www.psyshop.com