Emou - Spring Is Far To Come (CD)


Emou - Spring Is Far To Come (CD) The long awaited fourth Emou album on Echoes Records 'Spring Is Far To Come'. Emou is Mario Reinsch (Haldolium, Timetech, Lube), from the City Bremen, located in Germany, well-known for his cutting edge, innovative production skills.
Many of you enjoyed ' Still... Pretty Good Year', his first album that was released during 2001, on the German label Free Form, as well goes to 'Still... Dancing (The Remixes)', and in 2003 'Apres Midi'. And were eagerly waiting for the follow up...

Six years later, finally it is here, the long awaited fourth Emou album on Echoes Records 'Spring Is Far To Come'

'Spring Is Far To Come' is an intimate and ambiguous album, which goes deeper and farther. Wistful sweeping currents of emotions emerge playful complex sound games, amalgamating into magnificent songs. Adding to the production major influences from different aspects of variety genres of music, from the 80's, Rock, Dark Pop, Jazz, Ambient, Chill Out, sideways Dub and avant-garde electronica.

And with well-known additional singers Minouche Petrusch, Actress and Singer from Berlin, Germany and Jan Schmidt, Rock Band Singer, from Bremen, Germany.


1. Spring is far to come 
2. Uncle Johnny 
3. So Beautiful 
4. Scoundrel Days 
5. Don't need no 
6. The sun is a blinding 
7. My Ruin 
8. No - World 
9. Forget

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