Elve - Emerald (CD)


'Emerald' is the second release by Elve and a full length album of green lush soundscapes and harmonic transmissions which have a tropical rainforest feel at times and as usual an otherworldly quality.
'Emerald' as with all the Elve music is centred around the idea of 'plant intelligence' and the use of these plants to allow humans to see beyond the human realm and commune with the plant and devic kingdoms.

On a more simple level this work like all the Virtual releases can be seen simply as a sonic landscape painting or journey through and imagined landscape created for horizontal listening and chilling.


1. Epena Ceremony 
2. Plant Cell Perceptions 
3. Tree Memories 
4. Pollen Forms 
5. Delphinium Dream 
6. Green Lake 
7. Waterfalls 
8. Emerald Forest 
9. Mesmeric Sun Kingdom 
10. Plateua 
11. Eden

Source: www.psyshop.com