Eluvium bombards us with vinyl


Eluvium is set to release a specially commissioned 7x12" box set containing most of his recorded output, in addition to some previously unreleased material.
The Portland-based ambient producer has been in the recording game for five years now, and has decided that now is the time to round up his previously CD-only material on this compendium, entitled Life Thorough Bombardment. Temporary Residence Limited, who are putting out the box set, have roped in previous Eluvium sleeve designer Jeannie Lynn Paske to design the artwork for the lavishly packaged release. Each record is packaged in its own full-colour jacket featuring new and exclusive artwork from Jeannie, and these are packaged in a hardbound cloth-cover book.

The set also includes a removable library card. Each library card is numbered and hand-signed and by the artists and designers, and you even get your own name printed on there. It doesn't end there though, as the package will come with digital downloads codes for all of the tracks featured on the vinyl, ideal for if you're too lazy to get up and turn the records over.

At the moment, they're only available for pre-order through the Temporary Residence website, and the run is strictly limited to 1000 copies.

A1. The Unfinished
A2. Under the Water It Glowed
A3. There Wasn't Anything
B1. Zerthis Was a Shivering Human Image
B2. I Am So Much More Me That You Are Perfectly You
C1. An Accidental Memory
C2. Genius and the Thieves
C3. Perfect Neglect in a Field of Statues
C4. Nepenthe
D1. In a Sense
D2. The Well-Meaning Professor
D3. An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
E1. New Animals From the Air
E2. Show Us Our Homes
E3. Area 41
F1. Everything to Come
F2. Calm of the Cast-Light Cloud
G1. Taken
G2. We Say Goodbye to Ourselves
H1. One
H2. Swallows in the Bath
I1. I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten
I2. As I Drift Off
I3. All the Sails
I4. When I Live by the Garden and the Sea
J1. Untitled (for Piano)
J2. Untitled (for Orchestra)
J3. Untitled (for Rhodes and Tape)
J4. Carousel
K1. Amreik
K2. Indoor Swimming at the Space Station
K3. Seeing You Off the Edges
L1. Prelude for Time Feelers
L2. Requiem on Frankfort Ave.
L3. Radio Ballet
L4. (Intermission)
M1. After Nature
M2. Reciting the Airships
M3. Ostinato
N1. Hymn #1
N2. Repose in Blue

Source: www.residentadvisor.net