Electric Universe - Sonic Ecstasy (CD)


Electric Universe - Sonic Ecstasy (CD) Pure Ecstasy on the dancefloor, this is the Full On Sound of 2009. Boris Blenn is back with an incredible sonic adventure. Most uplifting, blissful Trance to take you from dark night into a beautiful dawn. Deeply emotional, intelligent and powerful.
Funky Basslines, Cosmic Melodies with a good hit of Acid. Trance pioneer Boris Blenn has a long history like only few other artists on the planet. From the first releases in 1994 until today he constantly developed and reinvented the unique Electric Universe sound.

The title track Sonic Ecstasy takes us immediately on a journey into outer space. Followed by two beautiful galactic morning hits we will pass a guitar nebula, The Riff with another amazing performance by Roland 'Chico' Wedig. From there we move on through parallel galaxies to visit some higher developed species. After that we will return with maximum warp and land savely back on planet earth with the 2009 remake of one of the biggest trance hits of all times, The Prayer.

Play it loud!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Sonic Ecstasy
2. Conscious
3. Peak
4. The Riff
5. Young Man On Acid
6. Holografic
7. Music Of The Spheres
8. Silence In Action
9. Psycho Acoustics
10. The Prayer 2009

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