Electric Universe - Higher Modes


After 2 years in the studio Boris Blenn aka Electric Universe is back.Mission Statement: Music that excellerates the cells of the body and the vibration of the soul. Tunes that support the access and exploration of the higher realms of consciousness.
Destination: Pure awareness, celebrating the bliss of existence. Dancing into pure ecstasy. Dancefloors go wild.

This Album is a journey through universes of Goatrance. Beautifully uplifting morning tracks, wild kickin Psy, flavoured with bits of Acid, Techno, Indie and Electro. But always staying true to the original vibe of Goatrance. Of course Roland 'Chico' Wedig took part again and fired up 2 tracks with his burning guitar riffs. Check out 'The Funkadelic Drummer' and 'Rockers and Rollers' with some of the wildest drum solos ever, played on the Digital Drumset by Hilmar. Yes, he did it live in 145! Berlin Techno producer Mathias Gleich coproduced 'Daft Robot' and 'Up'. These 2 tracks have a very special vibe and proved their massive impact on parties already. We call this style 'Urban Psy'. Higher Modes is made with the finest Analog and Digital outboard equipment, phatt analog basslines and crystal clear digital leads. Full analog mixing and mastering stages make this record stand out. You can hear and feel the difference.

This record takes off to the next level of Electric Universe.

It is a message straight from the heart.



1. Embracing the sun 
2. The Point 
3. Daft Robot 
4. Rockers and Rollers 
5. Lazerbass 
6. Higher Modes 
7. The Funkadelic Drummer 
8. Gratified 
9. Bodhysattva 
10. Up 
11. All is nothing 
12. The Web

Source: www.psyshop.com