El Zisco - Escape (CD)


El Zisco - Escape (CD) El Zisco presents Escape - his latest unique work! Francisco Oyarce is one the few artists who has continuously followed his inner voice and managed to develop an inimitable style, not running after short term trends. Giving his music a very personal touch is what makes him stick out of the masses. Escape is the follow up album of 'Valle de Ilusiones'.

He permanently enhances his production skills and personal style, which implies elements from psychedelic trance, progressive house, tech house and tribal. But Escape is more than the sum of it's part. It's punchy and fluffy at the same time, it is deep and mellow contemporaneously.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Dec. 2008/52

1. Man O Man
2. May be lost
3. La Risa
4. Mea Culpa
5. Society
6. Segundos
7. Viajes
8. Soul does acid
9. Acid
10. Viruses
11. News from otherland
12. Crema
13. E-scape

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