Ectima - Ground Defense (CD)


Ectima - Ground Defense (CD) Ectima (aka Zyce and Flegma) with their second Album.Reload your rifles, upgrade your armor, hold your ground and enter the dancefloor battlefield!
TesseracTstudio collective is very proud to finally annouce label opening with exclusive smashing second album from Ectima 'Ground Defense'! Ever since their icebreaking debut release 'No Way Out', Ectima (aka Zyce and Flegma) have been improving their unique sound pushing the sounds and beats further away from well known limits of todays trance sound.

The result of this year-round technologic development is now finally shaped into a rock-solid pumping psychedelic techno 9 tracker album ready to destroy your next party in a blast!


1. Bounce - ECTIMA 
2. Depth Finder - ECTIMA 
3. Info Stealer - ECTIMA 
4. Evil Spirits - (rmx)ECTIMA 
5. The Claymore - ECTIMA AND TALPA 
6. Bure Baruta - ECTIMA 
7. Ground Tracer - ECTIMA 
8. Crossfire - ECTIMA AND E-CLIP 
9. Stand Still - ECTIMA