Echo Wanderer - Moving Through Dub


Hailing from Southern California, Echo Wanderer creates a brand of Dub music that transcends beyond the realm of tradition.
Having had a background of Punk, Ska, Punky Reggae (think The Slits, Adrian Sherwod on U Sound Records, P.I.L, Post Punk, Deathrock, Industrial and EBM, Shoegaze, and Noise, as well as playing in bands of the like.

Also, these influences shine through to form a sound that is all at once emotional, dark, pensive, experimental, and sub heavy, while keeping a Dub Reggae backbone. His Dub is extremely visual and is designed to be hypnotic, with layer upon layer of counterpoint that, upon each listen, new elements are discovered.

The project started about 7 years ago, working with various electronic styles under different names, ranging from left field Dub and DnB, to glitchy IDM and psychedelic Trip Hop.


1. Gham Dub 
2. Bloodshed Dub 
3. Bedouin Dirge 
4. Moving through dub 
5. Cobra Dub 
6. Awash 
7. Underwater Skank 
8. Stampede Dub 
9. Octopus Dub 
10. Ital Skankin' 
11. A portrait of Emily - (in Dub)