Easily Embarrassed - Planet Discovery (CD)


Easily Embarrassed - Planet Discovery (CD) Discovering new audio planet and ambient galaxies!Easily embarrassed, Netherlands duo, by brothers Nick van der Schilden and Jeffrey van der Schilden please us with their second long awaited ambient album. A music spaceship that will help us to discover new worlds of ambient chill borders and further. Music with feelings, sounds with meaning along with crystal production.
Those that followed them on their first album Idyllic Life from Cardamar music they already now their unique talent... rest will not delay to discover Easily Embarassed planet!

Cosmicleaf Records keep delivering you music with attitude.


1. Ignition2. Leaving Terra3. Gravity4. Aurora and storm5. Wormhole6. The Journey7. Extraterrestrial Life Forms8. Final Hope Pt.19. Final Hope Pt.2

Source: www.psyshop.com