E.V.P. - Neuroplasticity


Wildthings Records is proud to present the 3rd chapter in the E.V.P. story which is forever pushing the boundaries of sound design and blurring the lines between the cinematic and the psychedelic.
10 fantastic tracks designed to create a multi dimensional audio experience that will transport you on an incredible trip, whilst making you dance. A milestone in E.V.P's psychedelic dance floor experimentation, he has also produced a very psychedelic music video under the same title as the album which is online for viewing now.

E.V.P. has also just completed a highly successful tour of 10 countries around the world to celebrate the forthcoming album release. This high end album is a must for all psychedelic music lovers.


1. Delusions Unravelled - EVP 
2. Alchimals - EVP 
3. Ancient Monuments - EVP AND ONKEL DUNKEL 
4. Baad Sheep - EVP AND SOUTHWILD 
5. Neuroplasticity - EVP 
6. Waldorf Salad - EVP 
7. R2 Unit - EVP 
8. Spectral Seagulls - EVP 
9. Living Together - (like Cats and Dogs)EVP 
10. Hello There - EVP

Source: www.psyshop.com