ELEA - Stellar Connection (CD)


ELEA - Stellar Connection (CD) A mystic journey from ethnic Progressive to morning Trance Elea is back, with a fourth album, Stellar Connection, a trip through space and organic atmospheric sounds.

This time, the duo dives into the mysticism of Psychedelic Progressive Trance, exploring the Elfic world and its language, gliding up through the cosmos to unknown constellations.

A huge work of transformation on the voice of Elea Goa and the flutes of Swann, the duo is contantly experimenting with new technologies, bringing new ways to view music. They will apply this in their new live show, with spectacular live effects of vocal and flute transforming, and of course their well known punchy percussions.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May 2009/21

1. Elfic Mantra
2. When the world was new
3. Onyx
4. Selamat Pagi
5. Alderande
6. Zion
7. Stellar Connection
8. Andromeda
9. Suns Of Tatooine - (Cell's Aeropulsar rmx) -

Source: www.psyshop.com