E-Mantra - Arcana (CD)


E-Mantra - Arcana (CD) Suntrip is back with more GoaTrance craziness!We are proud to present the debut album from E-Mantra, called Arcana. This album is a concentrate of twisted, acidic, spiraling and psychedelic madness mixed with fantastic melodies!
E-Mantra, Emmanuel Carpus from Romania, proves that Goa-Trance opens new horizons even in 2009. Starting with Praying Forest, E-Mantra gives the tone: morning melodies, mixed with intense acid-storms for a great night-feeling! Shamanistic Rituals follows on these steps with a more tribal ambience including spacey fx and galactic loops punctuated by timeless breaks...

With Last encounter and War of the Hierophants, weare facing no-compromise acidic Etnicaesque tracks full of transcendent, entangled patterns. Hold your breath!

Approaching Nibiru is clearly more morning influenced and encompasses ethereal blissful melodies combined with a powerful drive. Following closely, Dansul Ielelor is a totally exhilarating track: a delicate blooming with a shot of adrenalin!

Opus Iridium already showed Emanuel's talent for ambient.We're fulfilled here again with two beautiful downtempo tracks: Ninive underthe Stars is a heartbreaking ode to the firmament with unique textures. Lastly, Beyond the Boreas unfolds its fractalized landscape in front of you.

Arcana is more than just a GoaTrance album; it's an initiatory passage to the fabrics of psychedelic music.


1. Praying Forest - (Short Version) 
2. Shamanic Rituals 
3. Last Encounter 
4. War Of The Hierophants 
5. Approaching Nibiru 
6. Dansul Ielelor 
7. Ninive Under the Stars 
8. Beyond The Boreas

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