Dynamic - Save The Wave (CD)


Dynamic are Ben Avital and Shay Elmakaies considered as one of the most influential Full-On trance groups active in the world today.
They have known for their super crisp sound, juicy melodies and unique style. Dynamic have drown immediate worldwide attention since the release of their debut studio album back in 2003. Since than this remarkable duo has been touring the world, produced a bunch of ass kicking tracks (Over100!) which have been featured on Top international compilation releases from labels such as: TIP World, Spun, Phonokol, Fineplay, H2O, Mother, Procyon, and Usta. Dynamic have also remixed tracks for top international artists such as: GMS, Alien Project, Astral Projection, Bizzare Contact, and Quadra, they have collaborated with a handful of respected producers.


1. Take Control - DYNAMIC 
2. Push it - DYNAMIC 
3. My name is optimus - DYNAMIC 
4. Time to get serious - (G.M.S.rmx)DYNAMIC AND ESKIMO 
5. Music is - DYNAMIC AND WAIO 
6. Release yourself - DYNAMIC 
7. Rumbling Bass - DYNAMIC 
8. Save the wave - DYNAMIC 

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