Dubstep forum closed down indefinitely


Dubstep forum closed down indefinitely Dubstepforum.com, highly regarded as the number one source for news, discussions, new mixes and events, has closed down after three successful years.
In a statement the site says, â??Weâ??re also closing the forum. Indefinitelyâ?, providing no further indication as to whether the forum will go back up.
An issue on the site, states there will also be no dubstep awards in 2009 after the â??success / jolly good fun / catastrophe / embarrassmentâ? of the previous awards ceremony; but there will be a dubstepforum party in November.

In more upbeat news, the site has posted two free mixes to download to celebrate the third anniversary of the site; one by BunZer0, highlighting material solely produced by dubstepforum members, the other by N-Type which was initially put out three years ago to celebrate the launch of the forum.

The full statement can be read at, www.dubstepforum.com.

Source: beatportal.com