Dual Core - Unknown Possibilities (CD)


Dual Core - Unknown Possibilities (CD) 2 years after debut album 'Eruption', Adi and Eran are back now with this fun and pumpy album.Full of energy, just like the parties, raves and festivals the due have been playing in. The album gives its listener the exact amount of psychedelic and happiness atmosphere backed up with a very tight sound.
The CD also contains a data section with extra flash content and PDFs of several issues of Dream Creation magazine including the current one which contains profiles of all the artists featured on the CD.


1. Kymatica - CHAMELEON2. Rock Bitch Mafia - (Aphid Moon rmx)GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION3. Peak - SEEDS OF PLAY4. The Crack Spider - MODULE VIRUS AND HUNTER5. Brain Wires - MODULE VIRUS AND HUNTER6. Cow Bell - CENTAURO AND MONKEE7. Spliff Politics - MODULE VIRUS8. Chacruna Dub - (Mama Aya's mix)EXPERIMENTAL SOUND PROJECT


1. Dirt2. Leverage3. Summer Never Ends4. Take It Back5. Unknown Possibilities6. 15000 Micrograms Remix7. Zombination8. Unlimited Remix9. Fixation

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