Drumspyder - Kytheria (CD)


Drumspyder, aka Scott Sterling, blends live middle eastern percussion and cool electronic stylings.SF-based producer and percussionist Drumspyder unleashes his long-awaited debut full-length album on Dakini, with 15 absolutely phat and funky trax of percussive desert deep house and dub. With a clean, powerful sound that's guaranteed to cut through any dancefloor, Drumspyder's tracks seamlessly blend traditional mid-eastern rhythms with modern beats and electronics in a way that it is both unique and incredibly sleek.
Drumspyder, aka Scott Sterling, blends live middle eastern percussion and cool electronic stylings into a hypnotic yet varied dancefloor mix, from slinky and seductive downtempo to funky, bass-bumpin' house. His tracks and remixes have appeared on Dakini, Desert Trax, Caravan, Water Music and Six Degrees, as well as numerous bellydance DVDs and two self-released eps.

An accomplished percussionist on all sorts of mid-eastern drums, Drumspyder has been an integral part of San Francisco's vibrant dance and indie-circus scene, most notably as music director of the Nekyia dance troupe, where he collaborated with accomplished bellydancer Kristina CaA izares. Together they created a sensual (and sometimes controversial) fusion of bellydance with latin, jazz, burlesque, and circus influences.

Drumspyder has also collaborated and toured with Jef Stott (Six Degrees) as well serving as music director for two of the highly acclaimed Oakland Crucible theater productions. He is now pursuing a solo career full time, producing tracks and remixes nonstop, DJing and performing.

'Drumspyder's sublime, rhythmically-driven music inspires the body to movement. He is a musician who plays for dancers. His beats form the ambrosia from which The Nekyia's sensual, atavistic style draws nourishment, and I am deeply grateful for our years of collaboration.'


1. The nocturnal stealth of cats 
2. Pacific Drums 
3. Rhumba Hijaz 
4. Baile Beladi 
5. Masquom 
6. Suadade Do Sahara 
7. Lupercalia 
8. Midnight Prowl 
9. Horizon 
10. Serket 
11. Return of the dark 
12. Tabla Solo 4 
13. Red City 
14. Turning

Source: www.psyshop.com