Dr. Hoffman - Ride On (CD)


Dr. Hoffman - Ride On (CD) Dr. Hoffman's debut hit album Ride On drops us deep into the party experience all at once and sends you on a fun filled Trip to the happy fantastic land where all of the children of our dear sweet Albert Hoffman live forever and play together in a happy full power wonderland!
10 Amazing unreleased musical voyages treat us like royalty and your ears and minds are filled to the top with powerful messages of freedom and unity and a love for nature. After collaborating with GMS, Poli and many of the other top producers of psytrance Dr. Hoffman is primed for the big time like never before and this album effortlessly struts his stuff as cascades of delicately manipulated psychedelic ear candy deluges you with the sweet sensations of audio ecstasy and lysergically laced bass waves.


1. Ride On
2. Drop Out Feat. Blue Lunar Monkey
3. Logic Crash
4. Trance Del Caribe Pt.2
5. Mexican Acid
6. Kymatica
7. The Apics
8. Dont mess with the Mafia
9. Mutant Virus
10. Jumpingjack

Source: www.psyshop.com