Double R.E.L - U Name It (CD)


Double R.E.L - U Name It (CD) 'U name iT' is the remarkable second album from the talented couple Double R.E.L Ariel Ram (29) and Ariel Sela (25) from Israel. The couple is back again! The R.E.L's have been producing cutting edge Psytrance for several years, Their unique talent which flavors every track with a twist of creativity and their supreme sound made them the flagship of the psycadelic label and very busy performers in many dance floors around the globe.
'U Name It', the couple's long awaited and expected album, followed by their debut album 'CeREaL Killerz' (Doof Records 2006), presents the latest developments in the Double's Sounds, techniques and influences: a creation that will make you bounce around on a new Psycadelic journey.

Good things always come in Double! -Stay tuned-

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/44

1. Bush the button
2. Rock This
3. Sawlead Moment
4. U name iT
5. Shotgun Blast
6. The Maya
7. Once in a life time
8. Brain Treat
9. New Beginings (Final Edition)