Double Click - Limited Edition


After many years of musical creation, numerous releases and countless shows around the globe leading dance projects Ultravoice and Visual Paradox join forces to bring you the next level of dance music. 'Double Click Limited Edition' is a 500 copies special collector's item, aimed for the private collection of epicure music collectors only.
The music in this work of art was carefully created with endless thought and emotion. Each sound was handpicked with a magnifying glass and a scalpel. With 9 proven dance floor smashers, this ear candy by Double Click is a natural candidate for the 'Hall of Fame' of dance music.

Double Click members need no introduction, the three mega producers Avi Levi (Ultravoice), Solly Noama (Visual Paradox) and Gaddy Marian (Visual Paradox DJ Bog) have already gained worldwide recognition. Yet, they don't stop and grant us with this wonderful music masterpiece.


1. The Voice - DOUBLE CLICK VS. NOK 
2. Tidal Wave - DOUBLE CLICK 
3. Kelman Gates - (Double Click rmx)EASY RIDERS 
5. Analog Surfer - DOUBLE CLICK VS. ROCKY 
6. Freak Out - DOUBLE CLICK 
7. Hypnotic Energy - (Double Click rmx)LIQUID SOUL 
8. Vibration - DOUBLE CLICK VS. NUMB 
9. Globalos - (Double Click rmx)VISUAL PARADOX