Dizzy Mind - Chain Reaction (CD)


Dizzy Mind - Chain Reaction (CD) Dizzy Mind is the solo project of Pedro Pires, born in Brazil. The Debut Album of Dizzy Mind is a monumental step for this young brazilian who has been working his skills over the past 6 years all over the festivals and parties alongside some of the biggest psytrance artists such as GMS, Infected Mushroom, Wrecked Machines, Astrix and more.
With releases on TIP World early in his career which led him to Spun Records in 2005 where he joined up with the Ibiza boys until 2008 when he jumped ship to On The Move Music (created by Ex-Spunsters) and is preparing for a world tour to promote his album in 2009.

Fusion and power is a strong element in this 10 track album which also includes some splendid collaborations with E-Fact and Nazuk ( Pedro's sister Barbara Pires ) to give some extra blast power to this already full on album.

Expect the unexpected from this bright young man who brings the listener through his melodic stories to which leads you to heightened trips on the dance floor. A very spun style album to keep the smile and dance groove on full force.

With power tracks like 'Chain Reaction' and 'Fat Bass', this is a sure hot item for the xmas and party season. There is nothing slow pace to this album, its rock the dance floor and keeps you on the edge waiting for more to boost your rockets to infinity and beyond.

This album will satisfy all you taste buds with his infusion of melodies, elements and grooves. With strong leads, high powered percussion you will not be let down. Keep on your toes and at full attention for the fat bass of Dizzy Mind coming to a speaker near you!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/51

1. Chain Reaction - Dizzy Mind
2. Right Here - Dizzy Mind
3. Take Off - Dizzy Mind
4. A Connection Has Been Established - Dizzy Mind, E-Fact
5. Fat Bass - Dizzy Mind
6. Mechanical Wave - Dizzy Mind, Nazuk
7. White Noise - Dizzy Mind
8. Panic Drill - Dizzy Mind
9. Fusion - Dizzy Mind, Nazuk
10. Can You Help Me? - Dizzy Mind

Source: www.psyshop.com