Distance weighs the repercussions


Award-winning dubstep producer Distance returns to Planet Mu next month with his second full-length, Repercussions.
Greg Sanders, the man behind the project, won the hearts and ears of dubsteppers worldwide with his debut album My Demons last year, which went on to win "album of the year" honors in the Dubstep Forum Awards. The follow-up continues in the same vein with clanking bangers mixing with ambient showcases that reflect Sanders' early love of industrial music.

For those not up on the Distance tip early on, Planet Mu is also throwing in a treat with the CD release of Repercussions: A second disc that collects all of Sanders' work on his own Chestplate imprint, including "Victim Support."

01. Magnesium
02. Out Of Mind
03. Free Me
04. Koncrete
05. Loosen My Grip
06. Repercussions
07. Mirror Tell
08. Sending Chills
09. Skeleton Grin

CD 2
01. V
02. Headstrung
03. Misfit
04. Present Day
05. Feel Me
06. Radical
07. No Sunshine
08. Victim Support
09. Battle Sequence

Planet Mu will release Distance's Repercussions on November

Source: www.residentadvisor.net