Dissociactive - Underwater Lab (CD)


Dissociactive - Underwater Lab (CD) Sun Station is back from the summer holidays with really good news!We are happy to present you the new EP of one of the most prominent projects of Moscow's underground trance scene: Dissociactive, which was founded in 2001 by Slavik Iskanyan. Since 2003 the name Dissociactive started to appear in tracklists on compilations of various international labels like Doof, Crystal Matrix, Bom Shanka etc. regularly. In 2005 he released the album 'Block Out' on the famous Greek label Acidance and received lots of positive feedback from all over the world.
The highlight on this EP is definitely the deep epic midnight tune 'Eclipse' with its blasting psychedelic energy and breathtaking pads. This great track was also remixed by Dissociactive's former member Eugene Martinov as Sorrowmurk, who has filled it with floating melodies and gave it an extra mystical flavor. The next track is 'Hyper Gravitation' which fuses modern psychedelic sounds with the proper 'old school' vibe. The EP ends with 'Extrasensorica' ' a tight psychedelic stomper with hypnotic speech to protect people of drinking vodka. It has all the potential to become a hit, especially among the Russian speaking audience.


1. Eclipse 
2. Eclipse - (Sorrowmurk rmx) 
3. Hyper Gravitation 
4. Extrasensorica

Source: www.psyshop.com