Digital Tribe - This is it (CD)


Digital Tribe - This is it (CD) Shlomi Dahan, the talented name behind Digital Tribe strikes back with this blasting new Album named 'This is it'!
After the success of first album 'Free Your Mind', 3 successfull compilations, and releasing dozens of tracks in several labels Shlomi played all around the world in countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Austria and many more, giving him huge success and positive feedbacks, making him spend months in the studio using all his talent to create the bombs he wants to blow in this new chapter of his career.

'This is it' is a smashing groundbreaker CD, presenting 10 previously unreleased tracks, including a remix(with Bleep)to monsters artits Vibe Tribe and Ziki and collaborations with huge artists like Mind Controller, Electro Vision, Optical Vision, Botanica on massive dance floor hits, which have been tested thoroughly on dance floors all over the world, showing that Shlomi has the capability of known exactly what the dancefoor tribes need to be digitally delighted through his creativity.

After listening this new fantastic episode, you won't have any doubts that This IS IT!


1. Sweet Dream - DIGITAL TRIBE 
2. Heart of life - DIGITAL TRIBE 
3. Fucking Beat - ( New Edit 2010)DIGITAL TRIBE 
4. Chain Man - (Digital Tribe feat Bleep rmx)ZIKI VS VIBE TRIBE 
5. Pure Tonic - (Album Version 2010)DIGITAL TRIBE 
8. Come with me - DIGITAL TRIBE 
9. Anyones's dream - DIGITAL TRIBE 
10. Digital Mind - DIGITAL TRIBE