Digital Loop - Celestial Transistors (CD)


Digital Loop - Celestial Transistors (CD) Electrode Music are very proud to release the 3th studio album of Digital Loop - Celestial Transistors.

A very Talented Musician and producer with more than twenty years working in the music business, after fifteen years spent in a rock band as a guitar player and producer, he left the band to dedicate full time on his project Digital Loop, which he has been working in parallel with his band for a long time.

With five years working hard on this project and playing live Digital Loop has attracted public attention with his unique and very personal fusion style. A few years ago he developed a huge interest for the release's from Ultimae Records in Lyon-France, and fell in love with their releases and the quality of their mastering.

After getting in touch with Vincent and Ruby Sea from Ultimae Records he showed them his new album, luckily, they said let's do it, the result of the mastering was absolutely superb for this talented musician who is getting bigger and bigger after each album.

Digital Loop is preparing to tour very soon with this new album. Electrode Music hope you enjoy the new album and look forward to seeing you at the gigs, you're sure to have a good time...
Style: Ambient
Released: Jun. 2009/26

1. New york conspiracy
2. Lethal Injection
3. Electrodes
4. Immortality
5. Origins Spectral
6. Alien Autopsy
7. Velvet blue light
8. Dreams and reality
9. Purple steam irradiation
10. Moonlight ocean rain