Digidep - Galaxy Falls


Writer, composer and interpreter altogether, the Digidep project, founded by Arash Kian produces a mix of breakbeat, IDM, trip-hop and, since his incorporation on Hadra Records, psytrance. Throughout the years, he has been able to develop a unique sound fuelled by synthetic textures and a generous affinity for instrumental sonorities, which was developed over many years of drums practice.
Digidep is at the intersection of many different styles and his debut album 'Galaxy Falls' will definitely bring mixed audiences together. Psychedelic ambiances, frenzied and uplifting sections are the ingredients of this precise and carefully produced music, which is both rhythmical and meditative. 'Galaxy Falls' is the fruit of a meticulous work on audio aesthetics defining the essence of his DIGital DEPendance...


1. Lost in oblivion 
2. The end of nature 
3. Stretching Sound 
4. Out of control 
5. The end of humanity 
6. Inside World 
7. Japan Air Crash 
8. Won't you kill me 
9. Spiral Cycle 
10. Dematerialization 
11. Nuance

Source: www.psyshop.com