DigiCult - The Lucid Nation


The third DigiCult full album is a fact!'The Lucid Nation' confirms that intelligent full on is alive and kicking, with a vibe you'd expect from the creators of 'Out of this World'.
The emphasis on powerful drives and oldschool-oriented melodies was retained and improved, this time in collaboration with such great names as U-Recken, Hux Flux and DNA.


1. The Optimist - (vs U-Recken) 
2. Microcosmos 
3. Rite of passage - (vs DNA) 
4. Into the heartland - (vs U-Recken) 
5. Matter of thought 
6. Medusah - (vs Tropical Bleyage) 
7. Last Warning - (BeatNik rmx) 
8. The Moksha Medicine - (vs Hux Flux) 
9. Awaken the dream - (Tropical Bleyage rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com