Didrapest - Reconnecting (CD)


Didrapest has taken the challenge of remixing a selection of his personal favorites...Hanan Ben Armon is the saucer behind the well-established Didrapest project.
'Reconnecting' is Didrapest newest projection to planet earth, a special remix project which presents a new updated direction to a handpicked, selected, number of exciting tracks which have been previously released along the years.

Didrapest has taken the challenge of remixing a selection of his personal favorites, originally produced by an impressive selection of top leading producers.

Reconnecting features 9 previously unreleased tracks, a highly varied selection of full-on trance delights, destined to uplift the dance floor.

This heavy loaded release includes remixes to prominent producers including: Yahel one of Didrapest's favorites which has received here two remarkable remixes, Talamsca Vs. Eskimo, Altom, Indra, Stereomatic and Biotouch. The album also includes a new version to his track 'Point Therapy', which has headlined on his previous album. This roaring saga closes off with a remix to Didrapest himself tailor-made by Producer Dejan Jovanovich, better known as Prospect.

Music is eternal, a perfect tool to uplift the spirit and bring people together, a common ground which we as people can always fall and rely on...

Sound can be interpreted in so many different ways it can never be censored...

Reconnecting brings back the elements of the past with a uniform of the future...


1. Viper - (Didrapest rmx)ALTOM 
2. Voyage - (Didrapest vs Prospect rmx)YAHEL 
3. Come to India - (Didrapest rmx)INDRA 
4. To be continued - (Didrapest rmx)TALAMASCA VS ESKIMO 
5. Intelligent Life - (Didrapest rmx)YAHEL 
6. Point Therapy - (Didrapest rmx)DIDRAPEST VS MIXED EMOTIONS 
7. Multy Show - (Didrapest vs Quality Sound rmx)STEREOMATIC 
8. Music for the people - (Didrapest rmx)BIOTOUCH 
9. Reality - (Prospect rmx)DIDRAPEST

Source: www.psyshop.com