Dialogue - Patchwork (CD)


Dialogue - Patchwork (CD) Dialogue are Feuerhake and Sonus! This exciting duo from Germany that now hits dancefloors with its debut 'Patchwork'.

Feuerhake certainly needs no introduction as he has releases spanning over the last decade. With four albums, countless singles and dancefloor hits like 'No', 'La Aurora' and 'Tic Tac', Feuerhake has become a pioneer of the German progressive scene!

Sonus is finally back from a long break. He toured Europe extensively around 2003 and many should still have fond memories of his massive dance hits like 'Reisefieber', 'Shadowdance' and 'Alice Is Amazed', making him somewhat of a phenomenon at the time.

Being close friends for years, they have naturally shared the same passion and expectations in terms of their own music. They formed a side-project in 2006, mainly exploring their talents in a more fun and creative way until they eventually decided to produce an album in 2008. Within a year they have managed to sculpt a unique signature built from their past musical backgrounds and experience.

Patchwork beautifully evolves from uplifting and melodic songs like 'Quattro Fromaggi' and the successfully tested dancefloor bomb 'Wir' to deeperi tracks like 'Golden O' or the acoustic sounds you find in 'Who Is That Guy'. A true mature piece of work from two great artists.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May. 2009/22

1. Bypass Boredom
2. Rollercoaster
3. Drawing Life
4. Quattro Fromaggi
5. Wir
6. Moments
7. Golden O
8. Guess What
9. Who is that guy

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