Dejavoo - Defiance


Crystal clear psychedelic beats, individual acoustic samples mixed with fantastic Goa Trance melody make this album a real treat for everyone who likes a diverse mix of what's.
The development of electronic music in the mid 90's has been clearly shaped by a lot of Uk based artists, amongst them Dejavoo (Francesco Mura/Plastic Vibe and Kristian Vinales) and their constant influence in shaping the sound of Trance and Psychedelic Trance.

After 2 Album releases on the legendary Transient label, Dejavoo presents his new offering 'Defiance', a full length Album and milestone in the world of psychedelic movement.


1. Defiance - DEJAVOO 
2. The Uncerdogs - DEJAVOO 
3. Sub-Cultures - DEJAVOO 
4. Recycloned - DEJAVOO 
5. Techmology - (Dejavoo rmx)RINKADINK 
6. Goahead - DEJAVOO 
7. Teleport - (Dejavoo Bootleg)MAN WITH NO NAME 
8. The Long Run - DEJAVOO 
9. Trinity - (Dejavoo Edit)PLASTIC VIBE