Defenders - Ion (CD)


Defenders - Ion (CD) On The Move Music from Hollywood USA strikes again with Ion a Greek artist who has released 2 previous full length Albums at Harmonia Recs and an EP at Turbo Trance Recs. Ion's 3rd Album is the most mature till now and reflects his evolution into sound production yet retains the musical qualities that he has always been known and praised for.
With all these brand new tracks he aims to approach a wider audience mixing clubby elements with driving bass lines some with vocals that shout originality. This Album demonstrates the ability of Ion to manipulate sounds and emotion into powerfull fullon dance floor journeys. Background voices with crossovers into gentle beats make this album a delightful listening experience but also stomping dancefloor material. Let your emotions follow his harmonies and you will not be disappointed. The music is best fitted for morning times at open air parties, however, you'll enjoy it wherever you are as it is also club oriented and emotional enough for smooth home listening.

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1. Money - ION2. Pumpin' - ION3. Come Alone - ION4. Da Love Nig - (Ion rmx)GMS VS T.MONEY GREEN5. Baby Baby - ION6. Groove Criminals - (Peace Maker rmx)ION AND COMBINATIONS7. Never is a long time - ION8. The Boss - ION9. Enjoy your fantasy - ION10. Fly Away - ION