Dark Elf - World Liquid Domination (CD)


From the depths of the mind of Dimitri Santas comes an incredible rollercoaster ride, into the psychedelic realms.
Prepare yourself to go deep within the unraveling spirals of the waves of sound. Like in a fairy tale, where you believe in what you want to believe, the Dark side of the Elf allows the listener to create his own reality. Your epic novelty starts when you push play and the melodies interact with your inner cells shivering them to the very core.

From renewed value Dimitri is a talented producer, that delivers, in this album, a strong recipe for the night dance floor trip. The music shatters into your ears, like a drop, when it hits the water, in a continuum of circles. Feel absorbed into the blissful craziness that Dark Elf brings on his stash. Re-arrange your brain to enter into nocturnal landscapes, with dazzling hypnotic elements and feel the maturation of the sound of Dark Elf.

The full-grown quest is obvious and the colorful stories each track brings will captivate the darker followers like shadows in a marathon of mysterious stories and thrilling sagas.

Embrace the magic of Liquid World Domination.


1. Black Ikarian Nrg 
2. Eternity 
3. Loonar Park 
4. World Liquid Domination 
5. Run into the forest 
6. Morpheus 3930 
7. Zeta 
8. Chaotic Waveforms 
9. CCCP - (Double Trouble) 
10. Adam's night ride - (Dark Elf and Fractal Error)

Source: www.psyshop.com