D.N.I. - Dancefloor Medication (CD)


After 3 years of hard work, this album is created with a lot of power dedication and passion. On his album D.N.I got colaborations with Brain Hunters(Mexico), Brainwash(Portugal), Nature Disaster (Israel) and Zinx aka Ignition (Portugal).
D.N.I (Digital Noize Infection) aka Endless Euforia, is the incredible talent behind Adolfo Usier, Born in Suzano Sao Paulo, who now lives in Europe. He began studying classical piano at age 12 and guitar at 14, with 14 years, he met the rock, heavy metal and 1997 he meet the electronic music...

D.N.I started producing in April 2006 with 'Fruity Loops', 1 month later he got the Cubasesx3 and started a big discovery about music production and synthesizers. His Style is a psychedelic mental fullon 'hiteck or twilight' with agressive basslines, twisted groovs and paranoic melodies... his style is totally frenetic, Hard and Dancing...

He played with most know names of psytrance scene like Technodrome, Toxic, rawar, Painkiller, Mubali, Winter Demon, CPU, Brain Hunters, Bliss, A-Team, Digicult, Tryambaka, Axis Mundi, Xama Circus, Hydraglyph, Delysid, Atma, GMS, Michele Adamsom, Earthling, Bushman, Ephedrix, Perplex, Zorba, Soundaholix, Whicked Hayo and much much more... Stay Tuned to this bomb.


1. Ultraforce - (vs Brain Hunters, Nature Disaster)2. Kill Zone - (vs Brainwash)3. Corruption4. War of leads - (vs Nature Disaster)5. Sequence6. Space Trip rmx7. Interceptor8. The Gravity9. Dancefloor Medication V2 - (feat Zinx)

Source: www.psyshop.com