DNA - Infinity


DNA Records is delighted to present the 10th release as a label and the 5th featured studio album by top producers and Djs.
After the huge success of their last 4 albums 'Kick Me Up', 'Break Out', 'Sound like a Melody' and 'Fear of the Dark - The Remixes', this duo gives us a new reason to look forward to the 5th Album. After numerous performances all around the globe and the time invested in Eitan's project 'Injection' which gave birth to an immensely successful second album 'Domino Effect', DNA are ready with their highly expected 5th studio album 'Infinity'.

'Infinity' is an album that showcases DNA professional production skills combined with a unique artistic creativity as well as the addition of their very own signature in their new music along with their innovative and melodic high tech style.

'Infinity' is an exclusive project from DNA guys. This album contains 2 astonishing official remixes from 2 great electronic rock bands named Celldweller and Sybreed.

It's also including 2 wonderful DNA collaborations together with Melicia, Hipnotix and Mystical Complex. 'Infinity' marks so far another huge upgrade in ideas, styles and sound direction, featuring 9 massive new hits. Keeping their cutting edge production and powerful energetic vibes, the result is an enormous release which is headed for fame and glory. DNA's live act show is a true artwork and has been blasting and lifting dance floors across the universe for years.

Welcome to Infinity!


1. Infinity - DNA 
2. Never say never - DNA 
3. Mind Control - DNA, MELICIA, HIPNOTIX 
4. Louder than words - (DNA rmx)CELLDWELLER 
6. Doomsday Party - (DNA vs Mystical Complex rmx)SYBREED 
7. Believe - DNA 
8. The great escape - DNA 
9. Caffeine - DNA

Source: www.psyshop.com