DNA - Fear of the dark -The Remixes (CD)


DNA - Fear of the dark -The Remixes (CD) The masters of Trance are back!DNA Records is delighted to present the first release as a label and the 4th featured studio album, by top producers and Djs.
After the huge success of their last albums 'Kick Me Up' Break Out' and 'Sound Like A Melody', this duo gives us a new reason to look forward to the 4th Album. After numerous performances all around the globe and the time invested on Eitan's project - 'Injection' which gave birth to a hugely successful album under that name, DNA are ready with their highly anticipated 4th studio album 'Fear of the dark - The Remixes'.

'Fear Of The Dark ' The Remixes' is an album that showcases DNA professional production skills combined with a unique artistic creativity to add their very own signature to famous and successful tracks created by other artists.

'Fear Of The Dark ' The Remixes' is a unique project from DNA guys, this album contains DNA personal interpretations to top hit tracks from top artists that the psytrance scene has to offer these days, from touching musical gems, names like: Yahel, GMS, Sub6, Sun Project, Space Cat, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Perplex, Psycraft, Xerox and Illumination, and more. This cd emphasizes Eitan Tanami and Zeev Kardonski multi-talent, who takes great tracks to the next level and moulds them to their ultimate potential of excellency. Together with their knowledge in sound engineering the new evolution of the tracks creates a perfect genetic mutation.

'Fear Of The Dark ' The Remixes' marks another elevation in DNA's style and musical direction. Keeping their powerful energetic edge, intact, adding in new refreshing ideas and cutting edge production level, resulted here in a massive release, a true classic. This release is headed for Fame and Glory, and is about to take the dance floor by storm. Don't miss this True Trancedelicious album, sizzling with color, bursting with flavor... DNA shines with true color!


1. Fear of the dark - (DNA rmx)YAHEL 
2. Psychedelic Lover - (DNA rmx)GMS VS PERPLEX 
3. Droid save da' Qween - (DNA rmx)SUB6 
4. Day Breaks - (DNA rmx)SPACE CAT 
5. Memories Inside - (DNA rmx)PSYCRAFT VS DALI 
6. Getting high power - (DNA rmx)SESTO SENTO VS SPACE CAT 
7. Take Control - (DNA rmx)BIZZARE CONTACT 
8. Turbo Booster - (DNA rmx)SUN PROJECT 
9. Assimilation of reality - (DNA rmx)XEROX AND ILLUMINATION

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