DJ Tsuyoshi and Sine6 - All Time Trance (CD)


DJ Tsuyoshi and Sine6 - All Time Trance (CD) DJ Tsuyoshi and Sine6 are the Japanese production duo Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Yasunori Matsuda who have the pleasure of releasing 'All time trance' as their latest CD album release on PsyCore Records.
Track one punches through the ice with its guitar and vox fuelled energy, nicely making way for an avalanche of 10 tracks that complete this trance floor killer album 'All time trance', full of ground shaking, system pumping psychedelic trance.

Did I mention ground shaking, did I mention system pumping? 'All time trance' beast within, releases these very energies within its arsenal of tough beats and depth charged bass lines with ice shattering melodic breakdowns and leads, clever riffs and roaring vox samples not forgetting the influential old Goa sound used within a modern day setting. By track 4 you are totally immersed with the sound of 'Inspire' and it's catchy vocal's by Nana, and, you thought that was a breather? Wrong! From Inspire onwards 'All time trance' takes no hostages as it's tracks drown you in full on psychedelia with a Japanese twist.


1. Satisfaction2. After Hours3. New Legacy4. Inspire feat. NANA5. Psytrance is going nowhere6. Fire 17. Boundless8. Alien Pets - (Free Tibet Mix)9. Primal Orbit - (Tribal Trance mix)