Cygna - Opus Ena


A sonorous mandragora. A cumulus of incantations, arpeggios, vibration.In the quest for an overture of the secret passages. Cygna, a leviathan in the waters of Symphonic Ambient presents 'Opus Ena', the result of a wide spectrum of experiences. Seven years interweaving the alchemy of harmonic patterns, silenti, amethysts, oneiric symphonies, psychoacoustics, outer spaces and inner rhythm. Seven steps in the immemorial pilgrimage towards the multitudinous self.
Heading from sunny Malta Mario Sammut aka Cygna is indeed a unique talent within the ambient music realm and his debut album 'Opus Ena' for Greece finest IT Records is definitely one of the strongest and beautiful record in its genre, symphonic ambient.

Cygna manages to be innovative, experimental and conservative at the same time as the result is a multi-layered mix of real ethnic, classical instruments and electronics that bears indisputable connections to the ambient and progressive music pioneers of the 70's.

There is a magnificent flow to the tracks which never becomes tedious and each compositions are so intelligently well crafted and arranged but never complex, shifting from deep melodic orchestrations into unpredictable textured yet dreamlike rhythms often ending up in unexpected places.


1. Wooden little people 
2. Spherical Harmonic 
3. Caucasus 
4. Euclidean Subspace 
5. Su Abir - (Live at Glastombury) 
6. Ada 
7. Oubliee et Perdue