Cuts - Hold The Sun


Once again we at Aleph Zero are stretching the borders of our musical territory with Cuts, the new project of musician, producer and sound master, Nadav Katz.
In 'Hold the Sun', Nadav collaborates with singer and writer Omri Klein, and a myriad of other musicians to present us with an intriguing body of music, at times melancholic, yet a rebellious and self aware one, with an optimistic streak reaching its height in the cover to John Lennon's Love, which closes the album. But the music and cutting edge production speak here as loud as the vocals. A great blend of acoustics and electronics, smart manipulation of sounds, and a clear audio vision make these beautiful songs, with roots in the music of Air, Massive Attack and Zero 7, among others, also a delight for those seeking sonic adventures. The album also features a collaboration with Violet Vision.


1. Hold the sun2. Religious Standards3. Shades of black4. Solid Steel5. The worst is behind us6. A Devil Inside7. The wheels will turn - (feat. Violet Vision)8. Your Wickedness9. Closer10. Every time I'm stuck11. Swallow your pride12. Love