Crying Freemen - Digital Guardians (CD)


Crying Freemen - Digital Guardians (CD) Crying Freemen is French psytrance duo dj Salva aka Kinesis and dj Naya. In 2006 a magical spark came from space and inspired these two music producers to create what has become the leading new trance project coming from France. Their music is highly respected by dance floors, top djs, and well supported by numerous leading labels. Now after numerous releases and many successful world tours they create a massive concept album that critics and connoisseurs alike are saying will surely be one of the biggest hits of this summer season.

Just in time for the festival season the guys have cooked up a special treat for the ears, eyes, body and mind. Prepare yourself for the French heroes of psytrance as they become your Digital Guardians and defend you from the relentless invasion from space! Keeping it uplifting and full on yet highly charged and emotional while delivering huge bass line melodies and deep space mental adventures.

From beginning to end the Digital Guardians will prove why they are at the front lines of the quest to deliver you to the land of pleasure and fun once again. Have faith that your space borders will be well defended by the Psyoneers known as Crying Freemen.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/32

1. The Odyssey - (rmx) 2. Spiritual Energy - (Feat Lamat) 3. I have a dream - (Revision rmx) 4. Digital Guardians 5. Psynapsys 6. Space Invaders are back 7. Mysterious Force - (rmx) 8. Condemned - (rmx) 9. L6 Echo -