Crux - Tune Yourself (CD)


Crux - Tune Yourself (CD) Tune Yourself into Crux's new frequencies.Ren and Masumi, the couple behind the music, both gifted composers and well trained sound engineers, hailing from Japan and currently based in Berlin, finally release their debut album after 6 years of Crux music. Their background as musicians, Ren as a hard rocker with a guitar and Masumi as a pianist and percussionist, is very much present in the Tune Yourself album's captivating melodies and harmonies. Weather it's the morphing of acoustics and beats in Hidden Garden or irresistible driving melody of Ground High, this is Music, not just beats. Their long presence in the electronic music dance world is also very well felt in the fusion of past and present electronic sounds; Be it the Dark 80's and early Acid feel of Night Witness, the Goa touch of Chance is Like a Bird, the larger then life Astral sound of Espressivo, or the Psychedelic sneaky Infected Hallucinogenic trip of Moebius Ring. Crux navigate expertly on the map of Trance sounds. And all of it is guaranteed to make the dance floor explode. Just Tune Yourself!


1. Tune Yourself 
2. Hidden Garden 
3. Espressivo 
4. Time To Play 
5. Chance Is Like A Bird 
6. Night Witness 
7. Between The System 
8. Moebius Ring 
9. Ground High