Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift


Mind boggling, spiralling psychedelic melodic Goa-trance in its purest form!Crossing Mind is French artist Stephane Beze, making fantastic, intense, multi-layered Goa-trance for over 10 years. He caught a lot of attention in the 'old school' Goa-trance scene in the last 2 years with an album on DAT records containing older unreleased tracks, a free online EP on UAF Records and several tracks on Suntrip compilations.
Today Suntrip Records is proud to present his first up to date album filled with 8 fractal stormers!

'The Inner Shift' starts with a slower deep story-telling track continued by several dance floor devastators. Tracks like Solarnium, Modulated Self Reminders, Magnetic Fields of Life, Elastic Harmonies and No Way Wrong Rmx are a treat for the brain! Earcandy for everyone who loves multi-layered melodic music. Expect melodies, spiced up with acidic sounds and hypnotic background atmospheres. Besides that, every track is a great story teller. When you listen carefully, we promise you a hell of a trip to colourful lands!

The last two tracks, Plutonia and Optronic Circles Rmx, are downtempo tracks to give you a peaceful landing back into reality!

Are you ready for it!?


1. The unenlightened perspectives 
2. Solarium 
3. Modulated self reminders 
4. Magnetic fields of life 
5. Elastic Harmonies 
6. No way wrong - (2011 rmx) 
7. Plutonia 
8. Optronic Circles - (Inner Shift mix)