Crossing Mind - The Holographic Paradigm (CD)


Crossing mind is Stephane Beze, a French musician that started making music in the late 90s.He is from the south of France where he performed live through the years at various parties.
After many years being silent he has finally returned to the scene with a fantastic live performance in May 2010 in Belgium, where the music he played was so melodic and dreamy that was about time a full album would be released.

This album contains a selection of the best tracks he composed in a decade and after a wise sound enhancement, courtesy of Tim Shuldt, DAT is proud to unleash the power of the music of Crossing Mind.

Let him take you to a journey, progressing from a lovely opener to the apex of the album and then back. There are some outstanding pieces that can be easily defined as classics, such as Magnesia, Hypnotropic, Psy Crise to name a few. Each of the tracks is a hit, there are no fillers here. The closing track is a beautiful mid-tempo trance with a fantastic melody, just perfect to be played throughout the summer at these lovely sunset parties.

So prepare to dream and fly with the mind-blowing music of Crossing Mind!


1. Andromeda 
2. Terminal Fantasy 
3. Magnesia 
4. Mental Escape 
5. Hypnotropic 
6. Lunatic Transfer 
7. Psy Crise 
8. United Pulse 
9. Out of time