Crazy Ducks - Quacktastic (CD)


Crazy Ducks - Quacktastic (CD) Adapted Records Australia is proud to bring you Quacktastic the second Album from Crazy Ducks (Yaron Osinsky), and the first for Adapted Records soon to be many more releases this year.
Quacktastic has nine mind blowing morning dance floor friendly tracks, with one freestyle chill track to end off the Album. This is a very unique style that has a whole variety of funky samples, querky noise's and all sorts of crazy baseline's that takes you on a special journey into the mind of the Duck himself.

A must have CD for anyone with a passion for psychedelic music side of things. Quack!..

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/45

1. Buka 
2. Beastquit 
3. Umevuka 
4. Jazzitdelic 
5. Funkadelic 
6. Umevulaka 
7. Mania Kasha 
8. In your phase 
9. I'm not a Bird 
10. Enterfear