Cosmosis - Fumbling For The Funky Frequency (CD)


Cosmosis - Fumbling For The Funky Frequency (CD) After releasing his sixth artist album in 2007, the very popular and successful Psychedelica melodica, Cosmosis has spent some of last two years touring it and playing worldwide at parties around the globe, appearing in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Russia, the United States, Japan and various countries around Europe.

Cosmosis now returns with a stunning collection of powerful quality tracks in this, the seventh Cosmosis artist album to date.

Taking Psychedelica Melodica as it's starting point, the music on The Funky Frequency continues to explore the new sonic territory created by combining emotive melodic fragmements with trippy, psychedelic layered textures matched up with powerful imperitive dancefloor grooves.

The Funky Frequency also features trademark rubbery Cosmosis bass lines and earthshaking sub bass grooves.

Cosmosis manages to keep the grooves sounding fresh and sophisticated by skilfully blending in syncopated 16th note funk as well as elements from other musical genres. There's also echoes of Cosmosis's Goa roots in the shape of a classic Goa victory tune 'The Eternal Now' the album's closing cut, as well as 'Beyond The Five Senses' which contain unmistakable fragments of Goa vibe, yet re-interpreted and energized by being re-worked up to monstrously fat modern production proportions. As well as featuring a couple of collaborations with of his favourite two hot new producers Avalon and Quantica.

Once again Cosmosis pulls it off with ease and imbues his music with a twist that makes his sound identifiable as Cosmosis. No mean feat in a genre which the music all too often sounds bland and generic.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/28

1. Beguiling Illusions - COSMOSIS
2. Self Discovery - COSMOSIS
3. Space Traveller - COSMOSIS
4. Siren Song - COSMOSIS
5. Take Flight - (Cosmosis Mix)COSMOSIS AND AVALON
6. Samba Del Gringo - COSMOSIS
7. Empty Space - (Cosmosis Mix)COSMOSIS AND QUANTICA
8. Beyond the five senses - COSMOSIS
9. The eternal now - COSMOSIS