Concept - The Vicious Cycle (CD)


Digital Psionics is proud to present a slick trance product.The third studio album from Concept called 'The Vicious Cycle'. Concept's outstanding production and attention to detail, have produced his finest album to date. Slick Production, filled with thought and ideas which hit you with a unforgettable force. Propelling the dancefloor with pounding full on twisted corrosive sounds.
Concept's last album 'Paranormal' was a breakthrough for trance producers leading the way forward for so many artists. We now take you another leap forward in Psionic soundscapes. Every track, every atomic reaction, has been manufactured into something that only Concept can create. Including smashing hit tracks with co-conspiritors Cp, Lost and found, Scorb and Tryon.

Your dancefloor journey will not be complete without this cycle. Don't miss out on an audio assault.


1. Switch Mode2. Marty Mc Gravy3. Under my control4. Alternate Rotation5. Parallel Universe6. Post Modern7. People in power8. Magnetic Fields9. Contaminate